Throwing Up In Kindergarten

Hey you,

How was your day? Good? Mine, too.

I’m a little confused: mostly because I decided to watch For Colored Girls on BET and when I turned the channel, I saw a preview for a show called Being Mary Jane and this woman said, “Did his penis enter any hole in your body?” I was startled and didn’t expect it. It would have been great if you were here. I could have used you. And that’s what confuses me… what helps me so much also hurts me to the core. It all started tonight. On Mondays, I’ve started taking longer runs–longer than most of the others throughout the week. I do that because I have you come over. Mondays are our day. I pull up the Dominos app, and I have you saved under a special order name called “Mmm Boy.” A deep dish pepperoni pizza with a 20…

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