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A guest post from Ann V.  Klotz:

Ann V. Klotz Ann V. Klotz

Form follows function.  Except when it doesn’t.

I write the way I think and speak.

My husband says I often begin in the middle.

Any self-analysis of my process suggests I write as the thoughts appear in my head, so I think real structure has to come later as a piece of deliberate revision—that is not cheating, right?  Shape arrives after the initial tumble of words from my head to my fingers to the page. I think about “beads on a string,” trying to drop some of the same images or color in along the way, but that’s less form than content, I think. It entertains me to do that; it entertains me to revise. Once, a writing teacher told me I was too lyrical.

I have given myself over to fantasies over the course of a remarkable online writing course…

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