Dear talented writers, faithful followers and wonderful readers,

All of you whom have been following diligently and never wavered from MiddleMe.net, always encouraging me to grow as a writer, I sincerely and humbly would like to express my heartfelt thanks. Through many of your beautifully written articles and your sincere comments, I have been inspired and taught so much. You never criticized me, you never left me and you never trampled my spirit.

MiddleMe has just crossed a lot of hurdles.

First up was to receive many numerous awards from kindhearted people who simply remembered my work and love my expressions. You never fail to delight me whenever I caught my name or MiddleMe’s in one of your nominations.

Secondly, was MiddleMe reaching 400 followers and counting as for today. This is an amazing feat brought only by you all. If calculations is about right, 4 months 400 followers, 10…

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