Just as sin crept into the world by the disobedience of one man;and man was subjected to eternal damnation in hell. Almighty God in His infinite mercies redeemed humanity back as the lost sheep, through a priceless sacrifice of His only begotten son, Jesus Christ, who through His obedience unto the cross reconciled us back to the God. 

Through this act of unquantifiable selflessness, condemnation to eternal abyss and perdition was stopped on the cross of calvary, where the ultimate prize was paid for mankind and newness of life in Christ Jesus was birthed through remission of sin, justification and santification of anyone, irrespective of  tribe, race, religion or belief systems who tapped into this  grace of salvation.( John 3:16)

Jesus is the way, the truth and the light; no one comes to the the Father expect by him. For the grace of salvation to be accessed by all and sundry, we have to admit that we are all sinners and we’ve come short of His  glory ( step of brokenness), followed by confession of our sins, the next step is to accept His Lordship over our lives( accepting him as a lord and saviour). Once we’ve done all these, you’re welcomed to a life of newness and abundance in Christ. 

After reconciliation with your maker, comes the need for an unbroken fellowship with him. You have to locate holy spirit filled and bible believing Church to enhance your growth and your work with God. Time for personal devotion is also very pivotal for growth.

Thanks for taking out time to read through my message to you all.

God bless you all.

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Matthew Olalekan